New Millennium Railings Drafting & Design

Introduces the all new Custom Railings 4 U

The Railing-Designer program and associated "Add-on Modules" below are for SALE.
Still in the "Design Phase" of programming DONE, DOWNLOAD DEMO BELOW!, this will be a great set-of-tools for drawing your railings "quickly & easily"!
Check back often to see the lastest updates & add-ons, because this program is developing rapidly...

Please note:
  This Railing Software is a BASE PROGRAM, and intended to be an example of how Drafting Automation can quickly & easily draw your railing designs and layouts.
The Railings are drawn from center-lines of end-posts, but the intention is to encourage companies to add additional programming of their choosing to enhance usability of this program for their own custom needs.
DMSS can add all the programming needed to adapt this program to your custom needs!
Anything that can be "hand-drawn" (and inserted) can be added!
Even components for "Mechanical-Rails" that "snap" to their repective locations "on-the-fly"!

Is there something you want in this progamming set?
Contact me and let me know what you'd like? It may already be in the works, if not, I'll concider adding it!

Latest Updates:
2-6-16 --- Added "Help" System to explain available functions.
4-18-16 --- Stair4U Module is being created. This Module draws Stairs & Rails.
4-27-16 --- Stair4U Module Update: Stair4U Sneak Peek
5-2-16 --- Stair4U Module Update R1: Stair4U R1 Sneak Peek
5-9-16 --- Plan-View added to Shop Details.
5-10-16 --- Picket spacing either to maximum distance between, or user defined spacing to centers.
5-15-16 --- Added Layer Control. Users can change to their own Layers, Colors & Linetypes! (changes become defaults)
5-20-16 --- Added Grab-Rails. Users will be able to draw grab-rails on Flat & Sloped railings!
5-21-16 --- Hoops. Add hoops to either or both ends of the grab-rails. (also added to B.O.M.)
5-22-16 --- Extensions. Add extensions to either or both ends of the grab-rails. (also added to B.O.M.)
5-23-16 --- Splice bar. Add splice bars to either or both ends of the grab-rails. (also added to B.O.M.)
5-25-16 --- Sneak Peek of Grab-Rails, Hoops, Extensions & Splice-bars! Grab-Rails and Options Sneak Peek
6-1-16 --- Grab-Rail turns. Outside turns to grab-rails extend the capabilities to the railing system to connect to other rails (turn this-side or far-side).
Grab-Rail Turns and End Options Sneak Peek
6-6-16 --- Grab-Rail Brackets. Now users can add their own Brackets to the software (unlimited amount). Grab-Rail Bracket Options Sneak Peek
Adding Grab-Rails with Hoops, Extensions, Splice-bars, Turn In or Out, will add a lot more capabilities to an already great Basic Railing Program.
6-15-16 --- This sample of Rails4U & Stair4U (Rails4u and Stair4u Sample), should give you a good idea of the possibilities with this program!
6-16-16 --- Wall Rails (Wall-Rails added) expands the program capabilities!
7-7-16 --- Calculate your slope using the NEW Calc function. (Calculate added)
Now you can use a digital level to find the degree of slope. Enter the degree & slope length to calculate the run & rise for your railing.
7-8-16 --- Added "Rotated" to Grab-Rail Brackets. (Added Rotated to Grab-Rail Brackets) Brackets can be inserted vertical or rotated to the slope of grab-rails.
7-12-16 --- Added the Pitch & Degree Symbol. Shop drawings now have a pitch symbol at the top-right corner of the railing.
7-12-16 --- Added Rectangled & Round materials for Top-Rail, Post, Picket-Rail, Picket & Grab-Rail (Rectangled & Round Material added).
7-28-16 --- Getting really close to the finish of Rails4U. Most of the testing is done, just have to create the Demo and installation package.
(Then I have to install on a 2-3 computers and test everything!)

The Demo is complete! Download your Demo today!

Demo Version: No registration is required.
The day of the month you start using Rails4U depends on how long your demo will work (up to 30 days).

Full Version: Please watch the registration video to understand how to setup & register Rails4U...
How to Register DMSS Software The software will not operate until the registration is completed.
Download Full Version today!

If the download don't work, contact DMSS for the Demo or Full-Version...
Click-here for current Rails4U pricing.

If there is enough interest in Rails4U, DMSS will continue the next version (V2.0) in this amazing automated railing program.
I've already started the next version, but decided to stop (to wait & see if anyone wants this type of programming!).
There are some exciting developments I've been working, but "we will see" if the 1st version generates interest...

  This is Prototype Programming that can be custom adapted to your company's version of products and ways of design.
Your parts, materials, fittings, mounts, anchors... All your parts drawn your way!
(including your colors, layers, linetypes, text-styles, & dim-styles).
  Generally this type of programming can produce all your Plans, Elevations, Sections & Detail views, along with all Shop drawings in under 5 minute or less!
Even create a B.O.M. (Bill-Of-Materials) as a data file that can be imported into Excel's spreadsheets!
Sample:  12-Rails-in-2-Minutes
The materials can be adapted to any type of metal, wood, plastic, composite or anything else you might require.

Please note:
  If you use mechanical parts (or blocks) to design your railings, ask about Drawing2Lisp_Converter Service!
This service can quickly convert mechanical railing drawings into programming code, then with some additional programming, it will draw your railings using your mechanical parts!
And it also converts your drawing Details (or any 2D Drawing/Detail) so they auto-update to current design specifications!
Complete Parametric programming quick & easy!
Example of a drawing conversion: Trash-Rack

If you've ever wanted your own Railing Software, this is the opportunity your looking for.
Don't delay...

Below are explinations of the different modes the software utilizes to automate Railing Drawings.
Videos of each Module in action follows the basic descriptions.

Base Program: Dialog Controlled.
  Users have 2 options for finding the lengths of the railings.
Option #1: Pick Lengths.
  Pick line end-points in plan-view to get the railing lengths from.
This means users can layout the job in plan-view, offset the lines to "post-centers", then pick those length, the railing are Auto-Drawn at a place the user chooses to have them drawn.
Railing are drawn as fast as the user can pick the end-point of the layout centers! (under the 1st railing)
When finished, simply type X to quit.
Reopen the dialog, click the OK button and start the drawing process again.
Please note:
With the Sloped Module addition, users enter the rise of each railing.

Option #2: Enter lengths.
  Select the option to enter railing length by typing them on the command-line.
Users pick where the Elevations are drawn, then successive railings are drawn under the 1st rail.
When finished, simply type X to quit.
Reopen the dialog, click the OK button and start the drawing process again.
Please note:
With the Sloped Module addition, users also have the option to pick a line that represents a stair nosing-line to find the rise & run of the railings.

  The plan-views show the current mounting option (top-mount, face-mount, side-mount or coredrill) as fast as you can blink!
While parametrically drawing & annotating the Elevation view.

There are also Modules that you can purchase that are designed to handle different functions:

Module #1: Data-Sets.
  Configure the dialog to one of your many railing application specifications, then save it.
To re-use it, simply open the saved data-set, it re-populates the dialog to the saved data!
With unlimited data capabilities, users can quickly configure many different railing designs, save them for later use, then simply open them change anything that needs changed, and the current designs are quickly drawn!

Module #2: Sloped Railings.
Easily Draw Sloped Railing.
  The Sloped module adds the ability to draw any sloped rail quickly.
The same options are still available to find the railing lengths as the Base Program.
The Sloped Module adds hundreds-and-thousands of variations to your designs!

Module #3: Bill-Of-Materials.
Easily draw railing that include a B.O.M.
  All parts include piece-mark, material description, length (in feet & inches), along with a description of each part!
The B.O.M. module adds the ability to draw rails and add the B.O.M. as fast as you can think!
As an added bonus, a comma-delimited file is created with all the current railing that are drawn!
This .txt file can be imported directly into Excel for unprecedented ease of use...
Please see the import to Excel video below (Update R5, Module #3).

Module #4: Rectangle Details.
Easily draw your Details with this new product!
  These Details are intended to be annotated to show materials, welds, fasteners, dimensions or whatever the condition needed to be shown.
There are 2 options for generating Details from your Layouts & Designs.
Option #1:
1/3 Detail Size.
(These Details are intended to be scaled up 3x for smaller items that need to be enlarged for clarity.)
Option #2:
Full Size.
(These are Full Size details to be annotated to show whatever the condition is you need to show)
Rec-Details in action.

This is currently what the program does.
Latest Update of Custom Railings 4 U
(There are many more Modules and Updates being developed, so check back often!)
Now with Title-Blocks!

  All drawings that are required for Submittal, including Elevation & Plan Layouts, Shop & Customers drawings can be drawn in minutes, not hours and days!
Even the fastening & mounting hardware require to successfully build & install your custom railings!
With the power of custom programming, 50+ highly detailed drawings can be created in under 10 minutes!

Original:       Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U"
Description:    Draw Custom Railings in plan & elevation view.
                      Enter the lengths or Pick distances.

Update R1:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R1"
Description:    Added a Dialog to control all variables.
                      Users still Enter lengths or Pick distances.

Update R2:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R2"
Description:    Added 4 types of mounting options.
                      Top, Side or Face mounted Plates, Core-Drilled.

Update R3:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R3"
Module #1.
Description:    Added Data-sets.
                      Now users can configure multiple railings options.
                      Simply Pick the Data button to open another dialog that controls the Open/Save/Delete functions.
                      Unlimited railing configurations!

Update R4:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R4"
Module #2.
Description:    Sloped Railings.
                      Now users can draw sloped railings as fast as you can think!
                      Simply use the software normally while adding the rise of each railing.
                      Wow! Unlimited railing!

Update R5:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R5"
Module #3.
Description:    Bill of Materials.
                      Now users can draw railings & produce B.O.M.'s as fast as you can think!
                      Now each railing has a B.O.M. off to the side.
                      As each railing is drawn with it's own B.O.M., a separate comma-delimited file is being created (that can be imported into Excel) with all the current railings that are drawn!
                      Sample video of "Importing data to Excel"

Update R5a:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R5a"
Description:    Title Blocks.
                      Now users can draw railings with a Title-Block!
                      Each railing has it's own Title-Block with 21 attributes.
                      Users will have the option of using 17x11 or 36x24 Title-Blocks.
                      Replace the default Title-Blocks with your own for even greater flexibility!

Update R6:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R6"
Module #4.
Description:    Rectangle Details.
                      Now users can add Details of their designs & layouts to the drawings!
                      Their are 2 options for creating Details.
                      1/3 Size. (For smaller items that need to be scaled up for clarity)
                      Full Size. (To show the annotated conditions that can't be shown where the items are located)

Coming Soon:
Update R7:   Sample video of "Custom Railings 4 U, Update-R7"
Module #5.
Description:    Grab Rails.
                      Now users can add grab-rails to the drawings!
                      Their are many additional options added for grab-rails.
                      Turn the grab-rails towards or away from you. Inside or past the posts!
                      Each end can be drawn independently of the other!

Please Note:
  This amazing railing program in the video was originally created using Drawing2Lisp_Converter Service (converts .dwg to .lsp).
Find out how you can get programming created with Drawing2Lisp_Converter Service too!
Send Dan an email

Current Price List:
Current Custom Railings 4 U Pricing

Hello my Name is Dan Flemming,

  I'm an Independent Designer/Drafter/Detailer/Programmer.
I specialize in Stair & Railings.
I use AutoCAD for all my drawings and I also write programming to automate most of my drafting.
My drawings are very good, and I thoroughly check all my work.
  I have clients from all points in America (north, south, east & west).
I can quote from .pdf's and I send all my drawings using the same .pdf extension.
(I have clients that will give references upon request...)

  The bulk of my time is spent designing railing systems.
However, I also design & detail light structural.
All Approval Drawings are dependant on the materials being used and have a few pages of how the railing are welding and mounted, along with example railings to insure compliance of local, state and international codes.

When I'm not Designing/Detailing for my customers, I'm writing programming to help speed up my drafting!

  Overwhelmed? And Need to "Farm out" some of your work?
I can take care of the extra drafting for your company!

Component Railings?
  If you have a complete drawing library of component parts, I can incorporate them into automation programs that will create your product drawings quickly.
All library parts are strictly used for your (the client's) drawings and won't ever be shared with other fabricators or jobs that are not your own!

  The shop drawings I produce have a full B.O.M. of each materials used, lengths and even weights!
I can also deliver the B.O.M. for the whole job in a Text (.txt) or Excel (.xls) format.
Railing Types (slide show)
Types of Railing Systems

Thousands of railing drawing examples upon request!

Check back often for other promotions...

  Don't forget to ask about Drawing2Lisp_Converter service.
Automated AutoCAD programming created from your own drawings.
So fast & cheap it will make your head spin!
That's "your drawings" automated your way!

Thanks for your interest.

Your only limit is your imagination!

Dan Flemming
DansMark Software Solutions
(386) 243-1981
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