This page and the linked drawings below, are my portfolio of the jobs I've recently detailed.
These are the jobs I've found to date.
As I complete jobs (or find them in archives), they will be posted here.

Current Design/Drafting/Detailing jobs.

  Currently, I setup new jobs using my NEW DMSS_Title-Border program that automates everything, from drawing set-up, scale-factors, text & dim sizes, to final printing.
(Demo of how DMSS sets-up new jobs.)

The DMSS_Title-Border program has many options to print the drawings too.
1) Plot files (.plt)
2) Drawing Web Format (.dwf)
3) Adobe PDF (.pdf)
4) Others upon request.

All printed drawings are "quick & easy"... the DansMark Way!
How the printed drawings look (.pdf version).

Please Note:
  As a Special Service to DMSS's Customers...
DMSS will create a Parts-Program using the method below.
CatalogMaster creates 4 views of each of your 3D parts to use in CatalogPartMaster to create 7 views & all the programming like this sample program, so user's can quickly access all your part views and insert them into their drawings.
Adding a little code to automate these "part-views", creates drawings that are unparalleled using any other method.

  Companies that manufacture or sale parts will benefit because it helps to boost sales, by allowing their customers to use their parts in their drawings to quickly design products using multiple views all at once.
Additional programming from DMSS creates b.o.m.'s for the parts used in the drawings, so customers can quickly order the parts with minimal effort!
It's a WIN! WIN! situation!

  If you'd like a Demo Program (like the "sample program" above that runs in AutoCAD) that uses Railing Parts, email me with the phrase "Railing Parts Demo" and I'll send you the demo to try.
(If the phrase isn't the subject, I won't respond with the Demo!)
I also require:
Your Name, Address, Contact ph#, Company you represent (helps keep spammers away).

Click the job set below to view the complete Steel & Misc job.
The images below are now in the Job Image Album.
(all Job Past & Present can be viewed there)

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Please note:
The Misc. Job-Set contain whole & partial jobs-sets, along with other unrelated details.
Job set #Misc