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DansMark Draw2Lisp Stair-Project

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  Draw2Lisp Stair-Project is an example of the powerful Draw 'T Lisp Option #5 programming for converting drawings into Autolisp code, and parametrically linking the entities together.

  DansMark uses an elevation & plan-view of a stair drawing as the example conversion to showcase how Draw 'T Lisp Option #5 works!

  After the project is completed, the code will be for sale! (Contact for pricing options)

The Stair-Project Includes:
The 1st 10 video's of the stair conversion process.

1) Intro of the project (outlining what will be done).
2) Mapping the Bottom Noseline & Stringer.
3) Adding the Bottom Closure, Base-Clip, Start-Pan, Pan, then arraying the pan.
4) Adding the Bottom Landing.
5) Adding the Bottom Inside-Stringer.

6) Mapping the Top Noseline & Stringer.
7) Adding the Top Closure, Base-Clip, Start-Pan, Pan, then arraying the pan.
8) Adding the Top Landing.
9) Adding the Top Inside-Stringer.

10) Elevation Annotations.
11) Loading & running the code to draw the whole Elevation drawing (draws the whole Elevation in about 1 second!).

  The finished code will produce a fully annotated Elevation & Plan-View Erection Drawing ready for a title-block.
Also a Full-Set of Shop Drawings (of all fabrication parts) along with and complete bill-of-materials.

  This code is approx. 70% complete!
Users can add their own math programming to complete this skeleton-code!  (into a full-blown program)

Also, as a benefit to DansMark customers, there will be many NEW code links, so user's can add them to this (and any other) program to parametrically control them!
Also, a full library of short "snippets" of code, so user's can copy & paste to their existing projects that will eliminate many programming tasks!

Check back often for the updates!

Sample Dwg's


Draws Stairs in plan-view, elevation, section and shop drawings.




Program output:

 Elevation & shop drawing.

 Fully dimensioned

 Complete B.O.M.


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