DDMSS's Drafting & Design Service can accommodate most railing jobs quickly and easily!...        Need Concept drawings? DMSS can do them quickly for you...         New Millennium Railings drawing can be quickly changed if the Concept changes...        Shop drawings are to scale and have 3 views (top, elevation & section), including a full B.O.M. and Title-Block (Model or Paper Space)...

About New Millennium Railings Detailing Service

There are 6 Major Programs that are currently being used for detailing.
  DansMark is committed to delivering the best, fastest, most accurate drawings to be found anywhere today!
DMSS is concerned about how you drawings are presented, after all they represent your company, and drawing presentation directly reflects your skill-levels!
  Stairs and/or railings can be complicated and time consuming to draw. DMSS uses proprietary automation to quickly and accurately, turn design & drafting hours/days/weeks into seconds/minutes/hours!
  From Concept/Submittal and Engineering drawings, to finished Erection and Shop drawings, DMSS can reduce the overall drawing time by 90% or more!
If your drawing by "hand" (drawing 1-2 entities at a time), your wasting precious drawing time, and DMSS can save you 20-30 hours each weeks!
  Imagine 5 floors of stairs & railings in under 2 minutes! (even with each floor height different from the rest)
That's 1 master elevation drawing (includes railings and plan-views of each floor).
5 elevation drawings (each of them also includes the railings and plan-view of each floor)
20 stringer/landing shop drawings! (This includes Pan Details, Clip Details, Landing Header Details and a full B.O.M..
Many other items being developed so check back often!)
10 stringer-railing shop drawings!
10 wall-rail shop drawings!
And 2 submittal drawings for the railings! (portions still under construction)
(Check back often for additional submittal drawings being added!)
That's 48 drawings total!
(using defaults)
  Add your own title-block to DMSS's programming data!
Model-Space or Paper-Space tabs, it's up to you!
When you add your title-block to DMSS's data it becomes the default title-block!
You can add:
A-size (8.5x11 both Portrait & Landscape)
B-size (11x17 both Portrait & Landscape)
C-size (22x17)
D-size (36x24)
E-size (44x33)
F-size (33x21)
Custom sizes too!

Detailing Goals

  • Current Objective
      Add more abilities to New Millennium Railings Detailing Service
    (This section will be updated as time permits!)

  • Monthly
    Contact New Potential Clients
      Find New Clients that might be interested in Automated Railing Detailing Services.
      Show the enormous money saving potential New Millennium Railings affords.
    (This section will be updated as time permits!)

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