Drawing2Lisp_Converter is a NEW PROGRAM designed to allow users to automate their own drawings!...         D2LC converts drawings into "completely parametric" (or linked) AutoLisp code! (.dwg into .lsp)...         The Drawing2Lisp_Converter School is designed to teach users how to use D2LC & Basic AutoLisp!...         There is also a Forum for uses that need help using D2LC and any problems they might have developing their own programming!...         There is also an IDE that can be used in conjunction with D2LC & Visual-Lisp for an unprecedented development system...         Also an Add-on Library full of AutoLisp Snippets (difficult to write code) users can insert into their .lsp code...         Do not Miss-out!         Sign-up Today!...

Drawing2Lisp_Converter (.dwg to .lsp)

Programming School

Learn how to easily create you own parametric programming.
Drafting To A Whole New Level!
Fast, Simple & Easy! The DansMark Way!

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  As a Member you can download your copy of Drawing2Lisp_Converter, then follow the available lessons to not only learn how to use Drawing2Lisp_Converter, but to learn how to add additional user functionality to the converted code.

This is the NEW Drawing2Lisp_Converter (D2LC) web-page!
Finished & Parametrically Linked Autolisp Code on-the-fly!
  D2LC's web-page explains what D2LC is and some of the functions involved.
Also, there are many video examples of D2LC in action!

  This program produces "100% completed" programming code!
Users can then modify the code to suit their needs, and DMSS will teach you how to do just that!
Now everyone will have the power of automation at their finger-tips!
And you won't have to rely on "help sites" to get your coding accomplished.
  Drawing2Lisp_Converter is not restricted to a single plane, objects the are in different elevations (+or- Z) are also converted exactly like they are in the original drawing that's being converted!

Users will learn how to develop their own programming quick & easy!
The Beginner's lessons Include:
1) Learning the Drawing2Lisp_Converter Dialog Options.
2) Converting .dwg Entities Into .lsp Code.
3) A Quick Look at the Converted Output Code.
3) Creating Data Lists.
4) Adding User Options.
5) Implementing Data Lists Into the Automation.
6) Adding Mathematical Formulas to the Code.
7) Executing Your New Program.
8) Explaining How to Create & Organize All Your Programs and Data.
10) Working Towards "The BIG PICTURE".

  Intermediate & Advanced lessons are being added/updated as time permits.
By the time you are Graduate D2LC School, you will acquire the knowledge to create all your own Automated Drafting Systems!

Programming School Goals

  • Current Objective
      Add new & improved abilities to the Drawing2Lisp_Converter Program.
    Added 5-1-14:
      An IDE with pick & paste functions (Basic and Custom User functions)
    Works in conjunction with VisualLisp! (Watch Video here)
    (This section will be updated as time permits!)

  • Monthly
    Contact New Potential Clients
      Find New Clients that might be interested in creating their own Automated Drafting Designs.
      Show the enormous money saving potential Drawing2Lisp_Converter School affords.
    (This section will be updated as time permits!)
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