This page will list the updates as they become available (and as time permits)...         If you have a good idea for an update let DMSS know, it could become part of the overall Drafting & Design System...

Current Software Updates

These are the 6 Major Programs that are currently displaying updates.
  As time permits, DMSS will be adding any updates to these links.

  If you want to see how these programs have evolved, These pages show what the update was and samples of the procedures.

New Millennium Railings
Custom Railing Design'r
Sloped Railing Design'r
Fillet Corner Rails (New!)
All Other

Update Goals

  • Current Objective
      Display all new Updates to New Millennium Railings and other software
    (This section will be updated as time permits!)

  • Monthly
    Contact New Potential Clients
      Find New Clients that might be interested in Automated Railing Design.
      Show the enormous money saving potential New Millennium Railings affords.
    (This section will be updated as time permits!)

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